Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 24 – Hats

I began wearing my hat when I got a job as social diarist for an Irish evening newspaper, The Evening Herald. It was called Dubliner’s Diary, then but it soon became known as The Hat. It was an easy way to be recognized, get in the door and get my story.

The main picture in the group, above, was taken on the first night (World Premiere) of Riverdance the Show and the photo was taken by a lady who thought I was The Edge of U2 and no matter what I said to deny this, she insisted on taking the photo. She later sent me the photo with this note, written on the back.



4 thoughts on “The Hat

    • It was a frequent occurrence, Hugh. At Riverdance’s NY premiere in Radio City Music Hall (a black tie affair), I was walking across the foyer with three drinks in my hands, for some friends, when a well known Irish socialite called me over and introduced me to her friends, all CEOs of top US corporations. She didn’t say my name and I knew then, she thought I was The Edge. Later, during the interval, one of the CEOs, a distinguished looking, elderly gentleman with steely eyes and snow white hair, approached me with the show programme and a Mont Blanc pen, asking me to sign it for his granddaughter. Reluctant to disappoint him, I signed it, ‘Close to The Edge.’

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