More thoughts on the writing of James Lee Burke

Ok, there are patterns that repeat themselves in the books of James Lee Burke, who carries a stock company of character actors, like film director, John Ford, who occupy, colour and drive his stories. First, there's Dave Robicheaux, the main protagonist in the twenty strong Robicheaux series. He's a flawed but principled character whose life…Read more More thoughts on the writing of James Lee Burke


Whiskey Fire in The Liberties

Day 17 of the Everyday Inspiration course by Blogging University requires that I use 'A Map as my Muse', so I've chosen to repost, here a poem I wrote about a fire that occurred in the district where I live in The Liberties, Dublin. The Whiskey Fire occurred when a fire in a bonded warehouse…Read more Whiskey Fire in The Liberties

Glitch in the Matrix

Two blind sisters sitting on a train carriage wearing matching mirror shades stop him in his tracks. An inexplicable fear grips him. He misses the Gatwick train. It’s early rush hour on a Monday morning in London. The city’s awake and in full swing. The suburbs pile into the metropolis and the trains run on…Read more Glitch in the Matrix

The bells, the bells…my bowels

The bell ringers of St Patrick's Cathedral are working overtime, this morning. One solid hour of teeth rattling, clanging, from the 12th century cathedral, 150 yards from where I live, has risen me, like Lazurus. They finished with a five minute, orchestral and climactic frenzy, that has loosened my bowels and heaven knows, what else.I…Read more The bells, the bells…my bowels

A Life in a Day

6.05am Woke up... fell back to sleep. 7.30am Woke up...check my phone. It's very early and it's Saturday and I don't want to be awake at this hour. Have to get up now, must pee. I don't 'wake up, fall out of bed, drag a comb across my head,' for a whole bunch of reasons.…Read more A Life in a Day

Day 13: Play with word count

This one almost got past me, as in I didn't get the email with the prompt so I went into WP Resources to find out if I'd missed some homework. But, in an odd moment of synchronicity or symbiosis, Richard Ankers' Six Word Stories came to my rescue. Richard's six word story for the…Read more Day 13: Play with word count