Sean McBride was a revolutionary, an international jurist, a Government Minister, a founder member of Amnesty International and the European Court of Human Rights. As a UN Commissioner of Namibia, he was a very vocal opponent of apartheid in South Africa. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1974, as a man who “mobilised the conscience of the world in the fight against injustice”. In 1975 he was awarded the Lenin Peace Prize and in 1980, the UNESCO Silver Medal for Service. He was a vocal opponent of nuclear arms. McBride died in 1988, just before his 84th birthday. His mother was Maud Gonne, an Irish nationalist and revolutionary Republican and his father, Major John McBride (in the photo on the mantlepiece, to the left, behind), who was executed by the British in 1916 for his part in the Easter Rising, led the Irish Transvaal Brigade, known as McBride’s Brigade, against the British Empire for the Boers in the Boer war 1898 – 1902.

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