#WQWWC – Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – “ARTIST or ART”


With apologies to female artists, this poem is not gender exclusive so, please, feel free to exchange ‘his’ for ‘her’. Also, having slept, fitfully, on this for a few hours, last night, I decided to readdress the subject.

  Art is the soul
and the essence
of life.

The artist
bares his soul
to experience
the essence,

then shares it,
that is his art
his soul,
his essence

Art is truth
true art,
without limits,
is relentless

art is beauty,
and unfolding

The artist
is the instrument
who reveals
the beauty in truth

and sharing

art is an alliance
of painter
and patron
writer and reader

art is the empire
of the senses
hear it, feel it
see it, sense it

art is life
bleeding and breathing
art is pain
aching and pining

The artist’s the fool,
the hero, the victim
impervious to plaudits
art is the lifeline

16 thoughts on “Art is the soul (new version)

  1. There is no art in rote or formula but to communicate essential things of sense and emotion, by writing; that’s art, in my opinion. What’s the difference between a musician, a visual artist, a dancer, a singer or a writer? None, I think, if what they do is experience, express and communicate. I had to think a long time about the use of words in this poem. It is about essence, n’est-ce pas?

  2. I truly believe you’re right. That’s why I am so disappointed in artists who let themselves be associated with evil regimes, dodgy unethical off-shore accounts, tax evasion and general feathering their own nests at the expense of the hio polloi, using the excuse that artists are too unworldly to understand grubby money matters. They should be the torch-bearers, not the arse lickers.

  3. Art is the only way out of the mess we are in. It’s the freedom that exists in flow, a true escape from this moment and the next moment and all the moments before that into the infinite explosion of ecstasy from all the synapses firing in the brain. The soul can soar and unity can be restored ❤

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