1916, Souls of Freedom

2 armies, 2 ideals, 2 ghosts, an allegorical tale of 1916

Postcard from a Pigeon

2016 is the centenary of an event in Irish history that set the template for a nation. On April 24, 1916 a handful of men and women, led by a motley group of poets, writers and revolutionaries, took on the might of the British Empire and the Crown forces, to declare the birth of the Irish Republic. For six turbulent days, they fought before they were overcome, Dublin city destroyed and more than 500 died.

In the aftermath of this disturbance, Ireland was put under martial law and within three weeks, 14 of the Rising’s leaders were tried by court martial and then shot by British firing squads. Then public opinion was charged with outrage. Public opposition to the armed disturbance turned to support for their separatist ideals and condemnation of the British government.

The blood sacrifice of the defeated insurrectionists of 1916 rallied the population to their aspiration for…

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