People of Dublin

This is a video by Tara Morgan about the People of Dublin, featuring yours truly

Sauce for the Goose

Double standards in public life is almost de rigueur these days. Anyone following the trial of a former banker and French presidential candidate or reading the unfolding revelations about HSBC's Swiss branch's services in the interests of big capital greed, will know what I mean. In Ireland, the incumbent government has lurched from one disaster…Read more Sauce for the Goose

Indelible Echoes

A harbour breeze, a mountain spring, rain, the scent of heather, a hazel copse, freshly cut turf, crickets in the thatch, laughing spuds, sizzling mackerel and periwinkles, sand in your toes and the salty brine of seaweed, a sunburst of glorious colour in my mind. Indelible echoes of a life tread with memories without footprints…Read more Indelible Echoes

Irish Newspapers in collective cranial meltdown?

In my last post, I highlighted how one Irish national daily newspaper, the Irish Examiner, ran a quarter page ad for domestic gas on the same day and on the same page they lead with a story about survivors of Auschwitz. Now, the Irish Independent has featured an ad about a German supermarket chain's meat…Read more Irish Newspapers in collective cranial meltdown?