Tosca’s Tale

Seventy years since the survivors' of Auschwitz were liberated, I was watching a tv documentary where six of them recounted their stories of survival and the terrible aftermath they've endured, of nightmares and tragedies. One Polish man, Dr Tadeusz Smreczynski, who became a doctor and practiced general medicine within ten minutes of the camp gates,…Read more Tosca’s Tale

The Waiter

The waiter turns the cup around, a habit, bred from suspicion that somewhere, someone else was watching, waiting He waits, he smiles, anticipates, but never sees it coming, someone has it in for him but he prefers to leave them wanting Desire, he feels, from memory, and previous experience, leaves nothing but an empty space,…Read more The Waiter


My daughter, Holly, is 26, today. Tempus Fugit, when you're having fun, I must add. Twenty two years ago, myself and my two daughters went on a road trip in a beat up old Mini. I wrote this poem, many years later, about that wonderful time, the three of us, in west Clare with NO…Read more NO RULES

Did I pay for Christmas?©

Did I pay for Christmas? A child's question asked with innocence yes, I answered with every second, every minute, every day of my solitary existence A debt that has no interest but is paid forever In thoughts and memories that crowd my mind with haunting persistence With poetry and prose that furnish my living with…Read more Did I pay for Christmas?©

Proper Charlie

When we say Je suis Charlie, there's a tragic truth in its bite, we must all fight for the right of arseholes to talk shite. That's the price of freedom. Because without intervention, with tyranny we'll have constipation; ideas stultify, words choke, and thoughts retract into oblivion But where in this world of cyber post…Read more Proper Charlie

Organic© In 1875 in Dublin's Liberties neighbourhood, a fire that started in a bonded warehouse and spread to a near distillery, wreaked havoc as flaming whiskey flowed through the streets. Livestock burned and died and there were human casualties too, as some people consumed the blazing hot whiskey. Further damage was averted by the quick…Read more Organic©

Hocus pocus©

January first, time for wakening, realise we’re not just charming ourselves to believe in bullshit, devised to create a fantasy where mistakes are ours to correct by cognitive perception and realize incidents can happen, and lives can be saved by a simple coil reaction that begins with Happy New Year