I posted a thought,
it flew away
through dark, cavernous
to bump and grind
with other lonesome thoughts,
in the hotbeds of social fretworks
and worried then,
where it might go,
unguided, misunderstood,
to liaise, frolic and fret,
argue, debate,
in a world of posts,
away from me
gone, awaiting its return,

7 thoughts on “Social fretworking

  1. I like the idea that the thought or post has a personality of its own that you have little control over once you’ve sent it into the cyber world. Really interesting take on the social networking subject – thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog! 🙂

    • I wouldn’t compare social network posting to writing. A writer formulates their thoughts and sends them out to be read, inured to criticism. Social networking, on the other hand, actively encourages verbal and visual participation and sharing without the poster being aware or ready for the kind of reactions their posts may provoke. I still go out and do my shopping in the neighbourhood and chat to the grocer, the fishmonger, the butcher and, if he’s about, the candelstickmaker. At least they’re people, not binary numbers and algorithms

      • It’s nice if you have a neighbourhood that still has a community feel about it – sad fact is, some algorithms have more personality than actual humans nowadays!!

      • Now that’s a scary thought and yes, I agree. I live in the oldest neighbourhoods in Dublin. It’s an inner city area called The Liberties with history going back more than 700 years. It’s working class, neglected and run down but there’s a real feeling of community. People greet you in the street. I had a conversation in the main shopping street, yesterday, with an old lady, a mother of six who now lives on her own, about falafel, of all things and I don’t even remember how we got round to talking about that. But now we know each other and we’ll say hello again and exchange more friendly chat.

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