Same old story…









Leo Varadker has mentioned ‘sinister fringes’, Enda Kenny keeps talking about ‘some people who won’t pay for anything’, like a  disapproving and scolding headmistress but it was Victoria White’s opinion piece in the Irish Examiner that puts a voice on and a face on the latest scapegoat, the Reds. They’re everywhere, of course; on the picket line, in the Dail, in the meedja, under the bed and what’s all this crack about ‘red beer’, oh, they’re crafty, too.

Y’see, they’ve found something with which to whip the Government and oust them from power, just like they did with Thatcher’s poll tax, and it’s water. But that’s immaterial. It could be dog shit, if it would help them bring down a Government and help them gain power.

I can’t dispel the image of Gollum and his ‘precious’, when I mention ‘power’ and our incumbent Government. Because that, is what they want to hold on to and fear losing. Paranoia is now deep seated in the Government and the governing parties. You’ve only got to look at the stream of threats and cajoling offers that have come out of them in the past month, since the first march put the fear of people power in them.

Enda Kenny’s offer to ‘give people clarity’ is risible and about as clear as mud in an estuary at low tide. Firstly, why could they not have given such clarity when they began this whole, sorry, debacle. Why was there minimal debate on the water bill? Why was a private company set up and at such expense? Why does said private company need access to PPS numbers and how come that appears to have been lost in the current debate? Why should water be so expensive?

No-one disagrees that water is a vital resource. No-one disagrees that the water system we have is inadequate. Everyone wishes it were better. But handing it to a private company, State controlled or not, is not the answer. Everyone, but the Government appears to agree to that.

That private company will be able to borrow money for infrastructure, off the Government’s balance sheet, they argue. What? Off the balance sheet of a country that has bailed out the European banking system and its private, foreign bondholders? A country that by recent estimates, is recovering faster than any other European economy, even if its citizens are paying, daily, out of their wage packets, a charge for a debt that was never theirs, in the first place? No-one will give us a loan to improve our infrastructure that could make this country an even more attractive investment prospect than it already is? Damn, I just didn’t see that.

So, it has nothing to do with the fact that people are strapped to the bare essentials, if they’re lucky; clinging to a leaking ship by their fingernails, if they’re like almost everyone or fed up being whipped, robbed, ignored, patronized, pushed and bullied by the Government they elected and their uniformed lackeys? And it has nothing to do with the tax heaped upon tax over a succession of years that was purportedly levied to pay for water, but like many manipulated waterways, was diverted in other directions until now, the dam has burst and the water shambles flooding in its wake, must be paid for by, yes, you guessed it, us, the people of Ireland? Why did no-one explain it to me like this before?

Now I see, it’s all become clear. Ah, the clarity, like the time they cut the trees down on O’Connell St and Dubliners took to singing, ‘I Can See Clery’s Now, the Trees Are Gone’.

So, maybe I’ve been bamboozled, bothered and bewildered; turned every which way around by them crafty reds. And I don’t mean the beers. I mean the Commies. They’re after our power, our Precious-s-s-s.

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