Amazing Grace

The death of former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds recalls to mind the many times I encountered him over the years. He was a gentleman and a fair minded person but one occasion, in particular, stands out for me. It was Christmas, 1999 and I'd been invited to a small gathering in the Reynolds' family home on…Read more Amazing Grace

Who’s the Boss?

I've been listening to I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss by Sinead O'Connor before I'm overwhelmed by comments and misguided reviews. Of those, I've read a few. Some spoke of a new maturity while others toyed with the notion of Sinead, the auteur, creating 'characters' with and about whom she can spin tales of forlorn…Read more Who’s the Boss?

Words of Mouth

It's two years since I published TITO'S DEAD, my first novel. I didn't know what to expect and yes, if I had it all to do again, I'd do it different. The good thing I can draw from its relatively dismal sales is, it's still out there to be discovered. Blogger Napoleon Nalcot reminded me…Read more Words of Mouth