chasing the phantom

Inside the Hunt for Russia’s Most Notorious Hacker by Garrett M. Graff | illustrations by Chad Hagen Source: On the morning of December 30, the day after Barack Obama imposed sanctions on Russia for interfering in the 2016 US election, Tillmann Werner was sitting down to breakfast in Bonn, Germany. He spread some jam…Read more chasing the phantom


Pic Credit: Detroit Free Press She thought she was losing control. Her life was a finely threaded garment unravelling. Money disappeared from her account, charges mounted for expensive items she never ordered or received. The bank was sympathetic but couldn't help. The police couldn't help. It's a disaster, she said. No, a symptom, they shrugged.


  There are five stages in grief, we are told, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and  acceptance that  people interpret  as signposts in a linear progression, a morbid pathway, if you will. I don't believe it, it pisses me off, is there no alternative? I don't care anymore. Ok,  I give up.

Stonking TONKS

Three teeth dislodged with the impact of her kick, and my nose gushed with a shit load of blood, I clenched my hands into fists and forced myself up from the ground. She started jerking off in front of me, going on about how she was going to beat the living shit out of me, […]…Read more Stonking TONKS

Elusive Poem

Today is World Poetry Day Imagine there was a day for writing poetry, for words that cure sorrow, hurt and loneliness, feed hungry people,  house the homeless, when a rhythmic phrase might stop a war and calm the hate that chokes the love and fans the flames of bitter bile, churning in the bowels of …Read more Elusive Poem


  The fight was vicious: no quarter asked for and none given. It was brewing for an age. They skulked and stalked around each other like a couple of slavering hyenas with their eyes on the same rotting carcass. In the end, only one survived, minus an arm, contusions, minimal damage.